Thursday, July 16, 2009

Attending SIGGRAPH in New Orleans? Please Volunteer

Greetings Fellow SIGGRAPH Enthusiasts:

I’m very proud to announce that SIGGRAPH 2009 has put together a number of outreach/charity programs to give back to the New Orleans community before and during the upcoming conference.

These programs need your help and support. Given the culture and history of SIGGRAPH, we are hoping to receive the invaluable cooperation and participation that the LA CG community has always shown in the past.

There are several great ways you can participate:

  • You can volunteer for just a few hours during just one conference day to share your insights and show deserving high school students what makes SIGGRAPH so great and provide them with career insights they never knew existed.

  • You can help fellow volunteers design and decorate a graphics lab at a local high school in New Orleans that will forever change and impact young lives and potentially change their career direction.

  • For those of you with little volunteer time, you can download a custom SIGGRAPH 2009 New Orleans jazz album with the proceeds benefiting a jazz camp for kids in New Orleans. The album is available now on iTunes and online.

Now more than ever this community needs your support. Please click on the link below for more details on how you can make a difference.

Thank you so much for reading this message and for your continued support. I look forward to seeing you in New Orleans.

Jerome Solomon

SIGGRAPH 2009 + 1 Outreach Chair

Industrial Light and Magic

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