Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cartoon College for Free & Gnomon ETP Program

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Subsidized Training for those working at California companies: Gnomon School of VFX

To be eligible for Gnomon’s ETP contract a company must be involved in the production of entertainment content and must face out-of-state competition. Subsidies are for full-time staff who will directly benefit from the training received.
Ideal companies for ETP are:

* Involved in producing content for the entertainment industry
* Need to quickly train employees
* Face out-of-state competition
* Need to learn the latest versions of 3D software, new technology or refresh staff skills for an upcoming project

Companies who have participated in our ETP program have found it increasingly valuable, sending more and more employees to classes each term. For more detailed information about subsidized training download the ETP Brochure.
Start Your Subsidized Training

Contact us to see if you and your staff are eligible to take part in ETP:

* Email Pam Hogarth at pam@gnomonschool.com
* Call us at 323-466-6663

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